Upper Deck

The Upper Deck Youth Centre is creating a warm and friendly environment for those who are in need of support, counseling or even just someone to talk to.  The Upper Deck Youth Centre meets with those youth in need and if they cannot provide exactly what that youth needs, they work are able to find someone who can.  The backbone of this organization is its three (3) paid employees and approximately 10 regular volunteers.  The staff, volunteer their time helping at Vineland public schools at recess and in the classrooms.  



Upper Deck Renovations

This is the 17th year for Niagara College’s Many Hands Project. The Upper Deck Youth Centre in Vineland has been selected as the recipient.  The Many Hands Project is a student driven renovation project by the students of the Event Management and Construction Studies Program at Niagara College. The Event Management program students plan and execute fundraising events throughout the academic year to raise money for the recipient.  The Construction Students, as a component of their academic studies, renovate the site over the winter months from January- April.